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Wave Towel
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Turkish towels first appeared in the country’s ancient bath houses and today they’re the ‘in’ thing in beach bags across the world. But where there’s mass popularity, there’s usually mass production. We’ve skipped that and created our own sustainable version, using the very best organic cotton that’s been dyed by hand and woven in small batches by a quality-first Turkish women’s atelier.

Our Wave Turkish towel is generously sized at 39" x 80" with a fringe end.

These can be used for blankets and shawls too. These Turkish towels are the real deal — lightweight, compact, and quick to dry — making them the perfect addition to your own beach bag, yoga mat, or camping pack. A fun choice for the bathroom, too!

  • Machine wash cold gentle cycle - tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Cotton is the textile world’s natural powerhouse. It’s widely used in clothing and home textiles for its strong fibers and unfussy laundering. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or fertilizers from seeds that have never been genetically modified. It’s biodegradable and fully recyclable, meaning it won’t shed into wastewater, either. We source ours from small vetted or GOTS-certified organic farms and mills in Turkey.

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